What is Spaces?

SPACES is an Art, Architecture and Interior Design based self-publishing and marketing platform that unleashes the creative genius inside everyone. SPACES’s platform makes it easy to design, promote, construct and conserve. SPACES was started in an effort to create a new forum for writers and artists, readers and viewers to explore together the long-term trends impacting our world today. 

Since it’s founding in Nepal in 2004, SPACES has become the pioneer and leading magazine in the spheres of Art, Architecture and Interior Design. Its circulation reaches all major cities of Nepal. SPACES has been celebrating its 11th year in publishing by providing stunning coverage of Nepal's most important buildings--from modern structures to historic monuments with superb photography, incisive critique and comprehensive drawings. Similarly, it has been providing space for views and perspectives on how wider changes are affecting particular building types in the country, and how the concepts of the arts and interior designing are continually growing and evolving here.

The magazine is enriched by a network of fine writers and contributors, most of whom are experts in the fields of architecture, engineering and interior design. Along with design articles, SPACES includes devoted sections to new constructions materials, current flooring and furnishing trends, art and décor, culture and heritage perseverance, gardening tips, profiles of established as well as new designers, artists, and related news and happenings in the market.Collaborating with other social organizations, SPACES has been raising a voice of awareness about the importance and value of our heritage and culture. It has also been providing information to

all concerned related to the building construction industry about current trends, techniques, developments and achievements in this field. Promoting Art, Crafts, Floriculture, and giving insights into Nepal’s cultural heritage and the importance of their conservation have been integral parts of the complete design of SPACES.