• Art


    KK Karmacharya’s paintings are divided into geometrical patterns and flat colors. The use of colors, lines and brushstrokes create a nature of movement and rhythm in his works. He has cleverly created the images of movement, thus the viewers....
    Jan 2018
  • The Mannequin

    The Mannequin

    His mannequin series are inspired from the motifs of rickshaw paintings of Bangladesh. His painting exploits the decorative lines of Nepali traditional paintings by cutting the glittering sheets of rickshaw paintings. In this single work, we can s....
    Dec 2017
  • Slip Culture

    Slip Culture

    Prithvi tried to blend the new tendency on our changing cultures. In this painting, his two figures are stitched and symbolized as two cultures. As we adopt new cultures and trends that have affected seriously in our daily life but still in realit....
    Nov 2017
  • Silent Speaking

    Silent Speaking

    Her paintings are focused on plants, and its inter-relationship with human emotion with the still objects such as chilies. Various colors of chilies and plants have become are regularly featured in her work. The motionless objects like chilies as ....
    Jul 2017
  • Art scape

    Art scape

    Horses – The Energy Shahi Shah's horses explore the Hindu myths in surrealist form and are symbolic. Horses are the recurrent images in his artwork which symbolizes the power or energy. Sometimes his horses are beyond th....
    Apr 2017
  • Artscape


    Bidhata KC Bidhata KC, who has a Master’s degree from Tribhuvan University, is a recipient of the prestigious ‘Arniko National Youth Art Award’, which she was awarded in 2010. She has seven solo shows to her ....
    Mar 2015
  • Artscape


    Hit Man Gurung Recipient of the 2011 Australian Himalayan Foundation Art Award, Hit Man Gurung has a Master’s in painting from Tibhuvan University. Gurung was one of three Neplai artists selected to participate in ....
    Feb 2015
  • Quest for the Temple City

    Quest for the Temple City

    No greenery at all! The city space is covered with the thick layer of dark clouds. Even the city high-rises are engulfed into the mist. In a closer look, we can see the silhouette of temples and stupas. This is an artist's aspiration ....
    Dec 2014

Spaces Highlight Oct 2014
vol 10 No. 10