• Beyond Fly

    Beyond Fly

      Spaces, Bhaktapur - Yeti Airlines on the occasion of its 16th anniversary as well as Children's day painted the new block of Jana Premi School in Lokanthali on Sunday, September 21, 2014. A total of twenty-five staffs par....
    Oct 2014
  • Asha Dangol's 20 Year Retrospective

    Asha Dangol's 20 Year Retrospective

      Pragyan Thapa, Kathmandu - For Asha Dangol the city exists as his soulful muse. His artistic imagination hovers around the didactical idealism in Kathmandu's decay from a lionized marvel of medieval architecture to a suff....
    Oct 2015


    KALA SANGAM THE EXCHANGE OF IDEAS   SPACES Kathmandu- KALA SANGAM was a rare confluence of Nepali and Bangladeshi artists that Kathmandu saw last month. Ten artists from Bangladesh and six from Nepal had a joint exhibitio....
    Oct 2014
  • Fragments of Mustang Revisited

    Fragments of Mustang Revisited

    Manang Youth Society (MYS) exhibited 70 arts, including 50 paintings and 20 photographs, for 4 days starting from 18 August 2014 at Nepal Art Council Gallery, Babarmahal, Kathmandu. The paintings were executed during an 8 day residency (2....
    Sep 2014
  • Empowering through Art

    Empowering through Art

    Celebrated Indian artist Samar Singh Jodha discussed the roles art can play in addressing development, human rights and conservation issues at a programme organised by the SAF in Kathmandu Since time immemorial, art has ....
    Mar 2015
  • Discussions Galore

    Discussions Galore

    The February chapter of the Nepal Engineer’s Association weekly talk programmes featured Mahabir Pun, Kishor Thapa, Siobhan Kennedy and Bhim Upadhyaya The Nepal Engineer’s Association (NEA) weekly programmes this month....
    Mar 2015
  • ASF-International Forum and General Meeting in Nepal

    ASF-International Forum and General Meeting in Nepal

    EWB-Nepal and ASF-Nepal will be hosting the week-long international event in Kathmandu this June Nepal is set to witness this year’s Architecture Sans Frontières (ASF)- International Forum ....
    Mar 2015
  • Building Effective Business Platforms

    Building Effective Business Platforms

    NEPAL BUILDCON INTERNATIONAL 2015 AND NEPAL WOOD INTERNATIONAL EXPO 2015 The three-day international exhibition-expo on construction, woodwork, architecture and accessories was the first event of its kind in Nepal and fe....
    Mar 2015
  • Prints and Paintings

    Prints and Paintings

    The Artist Proof Gallery celebrated the season of love with an exhibition of prints and paintings at its premises in Pulchowk this February A collection of artwork tied together by the theme ‘love’ were exhibited at th....
    Mar 2015
  • Earthquake safety is Everybody’s concern

    Earthquake safety is Everybody’s concern

    The 17th annual national earthquake safety day was marked around Nepal with all of the country’s 75 districts organising awareness and memorial meetings on January 16. “An earthquake may strike at any time, b....
    Feb 2015
  • Architects and ideas

    Architects and ideas

    The 2014-15 edition of the Artists in Concrete Awards Asia (AICA) Fest, an annual celebration of architecture and design in India, took place in Mumbai. The two-day event provided participants a glimpse of the global design scene, with no....
    Feb 2015
  • Talking Policies

    Talking Policies

    Swarnim Wagle, Ram Charitra Sah, Ananda Raj Khanal and Suraj Raj Acharya were featured in the four weekly talk programmes organised by the Nepal Engineer's Association in January The January chapter of the Nepal Engi....
    Feb 2015

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