• Issue of June 2017

    Issue of June 2017

    Sukra Sagar was much of exemplary to divulge the silent stories is yet another art that seldom seen shining. At the pinnacle of safeties at archeology and history, Nepali and Newari linguistics, history, photography, art, architecture, culture Suk....
    Jul 2017
  • Issue Of April

    Issue Of April

    Editorial A handsome book on Nepali Painting was unveiled, from the Nepali renowned author Madan Chtrakar, by eminent Nepali literati Sri Satya Mohan Joshi at the premises of Patan Museum. Because of it's many a....
    Apr 2017
  • Issue of December

    Issue of December

    Editorial Nepal is well known for it’s cultural and natural richness, and the tourism market has been a growing market that demands investment and upgradation on the services and design sensibilities. It is ob....
    Dec 2016
  • Issue of November

    Issue of November

    Editorial If we have decided that we aren’t rolling stones who don’t want to gather moss, then we most probably are the kind that loves to grow roots in a space we can call our homes. Homes that fulfill ....
    Dec 2016
  • Issue of October

    Issue of October

    Let there be Light & Color ! As we are gear towards winters the sky changes colors with beautiful sunrises and sunsets to enjoy. More so, if you have majestic a peak in front of you – the chilling effect o....
    Oct 2014
  • Issue of September

    Issue of September

    We are at the advent of Dashain, one of the most auspicious festivals in Nepal. The festivals here in Nepal consistantly lighten up our lives within our culture providing us bonding time between family and friends. It is also a time to recharge ou....
    Sep 2016
  • Issue of March

    Issue of March

    At the very outset – we at SPACES would like to express our sincere condolence and remember Uday Sundar Shrestha, our former founding director and editor-in-chief for his untimely demise. I remember Uday as a person with ....
    Mar 2015
  • Issue of Feburary

    Issue of Feburary

    As Kathmandu experienced the closure for 4 days of it’s only International Airport in the country with the crash-landing of Turkish Airlines - it was perhaps an appropriate time to also reflect on the countries di....
    Feb 2015

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