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May 17, 2016 |

We are at the advent of Dashain, one of the most auspicious festivals in Nepal. The festivals here in Nepal consistantly lighten up our lives within our culture providing us bonding time between family and friends. It is also a time to recharge our spirits – when the monsoon clears up to wonderful blue skys !

In the issue - we have tried to delve into fragments of history, with a highlight on traditional arts and architecture. The article Araniko and the White Dagoba retraces the history of the contribution of Araniko in institutionalizing Nepali art and architecture in China. Newly Consecrated Lichhavi Chaitya feature is a present day example of Nepali craftsmanship’s influence across the borders. The feature on Mural Arts Ancient Roots in Nepal traces the history of the development of murals or wall art in Nepal. Similarly, the architectural perspective on Kopan Monastery puts light on the age-old tradition of monastery architecture.

Our regular column on interior appraises the scope of interior designing of Nepal with a highlight of the first Interior Design IDC Competition jointly organized by SPACES and NFFA - Nepal Furniture and Furnishing Association. The design competition witnessed an interesting array of participants from the various Design Schools here. The results were declared with the closing of FURNEX 2014 exhibition – and we congratulate all the participants and the winners.

Get Ready- Get Safe is a column under the theme Impact category written to generate an awareness for imminent disasters such as earthquakes. Architecture vs. Vastu feature provides traditional insights and principles that need to be considered while selecting a land and constructing a house.

Our cover story this issue is a picturesque feature by Ashesh on Ladakh: A Journey into Moonscapes that captures the spirit of the place. The wind eroded landscapes of Ladakh gives a strong resemblance of Nepal’s Mustang region giving it a feel of the Trans Himalayan regions of Nepal.

Having just returned from an amazing trip to the Jomsom- Mustang as well as Manang region, it is indeed with deep appreciation I have to echo and urge all our readers to make an effort and try and get close to discover these natural wonders of our country. People from far and wide are seen trekking and appreciating these places – and it is high time our Nepalese citizens are also urged to discover these gold mines that exists in our country.

We share our greetings and do hope you enjoy this issue in the midst of the festivities.

Happy Dashain - Namaste !

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