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Jun 13, 2016 |

Let there be Light & Color !
As we are gear towards winters the sky changes colors with beautiful sunrises and sunsets to enjoy. More so, if you have majestic a peak in front of you – the chilling effect of its transformation is even more profound.

What would the world be like - in the absence of color? One quick answer might be 'like a black and white movie'. Though not black, white is also a color and a black and white movie displays shades of grey. Darkness or total black is the absence of light thus absence of color. That is how experts have defined color as a product of the harmonious mixture of light - shadow, and where there is no light there will be no color.

Color is a visual attribute that results from the play of light, emitted further with reflection or refraction. Be it in nature or in human construct, it is an important element. In this issue, with an objective of presenting different perspectives and features on this theme, we highlight the visual attributes of Spaces with COLOR.

We can assert that no other group of creative people understands and plays with of colors as deeply as the Artists and Painters do. This is precisely the reason we say 'Artists celebrate the Colors the most '. Thus 'Celebrating Colors - Artists do the most and the best' has been the cover story for this issue.

In theory, black is not a color but just the absence of it. But our prominent Artist - Kiran Manandhar is in love with black and Black is his Favorite Color.

The story of vastu interpretation on color 'Vastu vs. Architecture - Selection of Color' is written to explore the perspectives on Vedik and Yogic perception of color. Similarly 'Planning a Color Scheme' is an article that features guidelines for planning color scheme for interior designing. Light is also an important element for the interiors as well as exterior design, thus the article 'To Accentuate Interior' will also provide guidelines on the perceiving and selecting lights.

Reviews of 'Asha Dangol's 20 Year Retrospective' and 'Kala Sangam: The Exchange of Ideas' adds hues through analytical presentation of the efforts of artists to see the world from their creative viewpoint.

Similarly the articles on the Kakori Restaurant and Summit River Lodge presents excellent examples where the interiors seem to have evolved with appropriate selection of material and colors that have radiating beauty.

May your life be filled with optimism and a hue of colors !



Sarosh Pradhan / Editor in Chief


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