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Dec 25, 2016 |

If we have decided that we aren’t rolling stones who don’t want to gather moss, then we most probably are the kind that loves to grow roots in a space we can call our homes. Homes that fulfill our needs and adhere to our wants. That’s a common dream which we work hard to manifest. Sadly for most, the process of building a house ends up giving aches and pains that were not bargained for. Volumes can be written about trials and tribulations of what a home owner goes through while creating a home or work space.

A completely different picture can be painted with a happy home owner if we had a good storehouse of ideas, clarity of what we want and need, detailed communication with the designers, and efficient coordination between construction, interiors and furniture. Far fetched in Nepal? Not really! As has been proven by the proud upholders of traditional Newari architecture, whose Dhakwa house is a pleasure to behold. KC’s yuppie home is also an inspiration that shows it can be done here too, if we do enough research and plan well.

Work space too need not be dreary or frightening. The write up on functionality of energy and green office building covers a whole new range of useful ideas. Last but not least is an extensive coverage of struts in Nepalese architecture. It opens ones eyes to the rich heritage of Newari architecture and inspires one to look closer at the details of struts mounted on the temples and old houses strewn around this beautiful valley


Ashesh Rajbansh / CEO


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