Silent Speaking

Jul 07, 2017 |

Her paintings are focused on plants, and its inter-relationship with human emotion with the still objects such as chilies. Various colors of chilies and plants have become are regularly featured in her work. The motionless objects like chilies as well as other fruits and vegetables always fascinated her. Hence, she aims to create a relationship between human sentiments and its nature in her artwork. Similarly, she is is deeply interested in creating unique forms of character, textures and colors of chilies.


Sarita Dongol (b 1973), MFA from Tribhuvan University, is a founder of the Community Children Art School in Chakupat. Since 1992, her works have been exhibited in many national and international galleries and she has performed in 12 solo shows in Nepal, Japan, France and Australia. In 2002, she received the South Asian Artist Residency in Fukuoka, Japan and in 2006, received International Artist Residency in Gwanju Museum, South Korea. She was also awarded the first prize in Human Happiness Art Competition in 2000 at Sirjana Contemporary Art Gallery at Camlin Art Foundation, Kolkatta, India. She was honored with a Gold Medal by the Arniko Yuwa Sewa Kosh in 2011 and “Women Talent Hem Ganga Award” in 2013. She works as the Gallery Coordinator at Newa Chen Art Gallery and Classic Gallery in Lalitpur.

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