The Heart of the House: Kitchen

Nov 08, 2017 |

The kitchen really is where the magic happens. In a typical Nepali household, the kitchens are the heart of the house where one can find the flavors dancing from one corner to another. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family. For a typical house worker, the kitchen is a play station where he/she explores the symphonies of flavors.


For the new generation like us the kitchen doesn’t mean a lot as it means to the old generation. But what people don’t realize is that the kitchen itself can become a wonderful play station for both parents and the children. The equipment and utensils can become the weapons to create new things which bring happiness to all the people around you.


The kitchen is given more priority these days as the soul of the house. Proper color, lighting and the interior are given more thoughts. But in the past, especially in Newari Families, the kitchens were made out of mud and bricks. The place was big and the whole attic was filled with the laughter of near and dear ones. The smell and fumes of spicy Newari dishes also vanished into air upwards rather than confined in the house itself. They used wooden stool also known as pidka to have lunch or dinner. It’s where the food was worshipped, the food were prepared in small clay pot on the top of open fire.


The kitchen that I grew up with always had subtle features to it. As the house was built from my grandfather’s era, it lacked modern touch of distinctive color patterns and furniture as well as the touch of Newari style but the yellow walls that engulf the overall place with brown colored furniture; accompanied by a sink where the most of the ugly battle of a day are fought which  makes it whole.


As a kid I was influenced by lots of Disney movies, one begin “Beauty and the Beast” and thought that the china clay pots, cups and the saucer truly had a life, and used to play with them thinking they would actually come to life and start singing “BE OUR GUEST” while my mom used to cook delicious food for us hungrybears.


The china cups and bowls are always fascinating thing when it comes to talk about Kitchen. A whole cupboard is dedicated to fragile items. In a Nepalese family these utensils are only used while the guests come visit our place. Those fragile china cups are very precious as it holds the memories of our family. Some of it were gifted and others my parents brought with them when they travelled. Even though its just a cup, but inside the cup there are flowers as if someone had scattered a bouquet and it had tumbled into separate blossoms, falling in a full circle around the inside. The blossom doesn’t seem to be pasted on the surface like stickers which appears to be caught in motion. And now, these cups reminds of those old times my father relives in.


The size of the kitchen is enormous, the well-lit lighting creates a warm ambience, plus the morning sunlight from the windows that surround the kitchen area makes it look less gloomy.


 "Meals and Memories are made here”. The flaming stove is placed on the marble kitchen counter where the magic happens. The counter top made of charcoal color always looked clean and neat, even though a messy battle between spices is held everyday.  The stove is accompanied by a small microwave oven and rice cooker.


The horizontal space has been the liveliest place of all time as the people at home share the fondest memory of gathering together and cooking mo:mo cha  with lots of laughter and  a sprinkle of gossip . The space has been mostly occupied with cupboard, big enough to fit a 5 yrs old like in the movie Narnia but in this case you will find porcelain pots and spices of different colors. The cupboard looks old but truthfully speaking it has been growing more rustically handsome as the day goes by.


Next in the line comes the cherry blossom refrigerator stands tall while hiding all the good chocolates, cookies and keeping the vegetables and the greens fresh for us to consume. As it is located in one of the corner of the kitchen it seems like a portal that will take you to another dimension but you will find a chilled glass of milkshake after a long tiring day.

Moving along one can notice the marble floor, which looks elegant and creates a sense of sophistication that maintains the appearance. The black colored tiles balances the yellow colored walls, radiates the fall vibe.


My fondest memories of spending time are at the patio of the kitchen garden door where I used to sit on and watch my parents take care of the organic vegetables. As the door is at the end of the kitchen, it gives a feeling of being attached to the nature and surrounding.


The kitchen is adjoined with the dinning area. The space makes it easier to move around from one point to another. The dinning table is where almost every kid I suppose have cried just because the homework’s were tough and the food didn’t tasted like it was supposed to. Once it used to be a huge table, just like in Harry Potter movies surrounded by variety of food and cheerful people but now, the size of the table has been reduced enough for four people to dine in. This area is where after a long tiring day the family gathers and enjoys their meal as a happy family.


 "Kitchen should be designed around what's truly important- food, fun and life, it’s a place where memories are homemade and seasoned  with love".

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