Editorial December 2017

Jan 07, 2018 |

Whatever good things we build end up building us.
Jim Rohn

Relates quite well to present days in Nepal. The extraordinary leftovers of past are keeping many things going on even in present days. Hopefully the Vajrayana Mahabihar that is currently being built in Lumbini should revive the dwindling heritage of Newari architecture that was so prevailing long time back. For sure, the country is still alive with wonderful craftsmen, it’s just a matter of time that they will shine again beyond the clouds of uncertain build ups and take pride on their ownership. The proposed Museum of World Writing could be another gleam we might see soon. The museum rests on podium, heavily influenced by the site’s geometry and the waterfront embracing the site surrounding and context by being friendly and welcoming to public.

Creative imagination can go to sublime extent of creating memorable usability in forms of art for our everyday usages. Such an example can be seen at ‘Lasanaa’ where things or even ‘items’ came to life after careful selection together with proper installation. This could be one of a kind inspiration for not looking for the newbies only but to give some respect to the existing long-time survivors. In similar manner when an interior is being planned, achieving a look that reflects your own needs and dreams requires a little creative thinking and a willingness to experiment with new ideas. Mr. Aditya Sanghai wanted to give the office a raw and warehouse kind of feeling. With the black painted ceilings, exposed pipes and avoiding other thing that are considered as ‘essential’, he believed it goes well with the cement - the whole concept of what the company is about.

We’ve seen that neglecting the architectures of the world’s fast-changing landscapes will result with endless expanses of housing, industry without natural and planting landscapes in endless highways. What could be more better to promote gardening – to slowdown the process of too much urbanization, to give our children a safe place to grow healthy by learning and playing – and most importantly by adding the warmth of vibrant colors. The extent of warmth can also be pulled inside our houses to make everything look and feel healthier. Have we ever noticed what a role color plays in our lives? Nature bests among all in mixing and matching color to feel us warm.

Add some more warmth with more heating solutions, and of course with family and friends.

Wishing you all a peaceful new year 2018 – happy reading.

Ashesh Rajbansh / CEO

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