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The Kakori Restaurant at Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu is often considered to be among Kathmandu's epicurean exemplars. Par excellence in both menu and culture, it has contributed significantly to the evolution of Kathmandu's hospitality realm.

The origins of this historical cuisine can be traced to the Kakor from Lucknow in India. The legendary Nawabs of Hyderabad coined this fine dining expression with, among other delights, mince kebabs of exceptional authenticity and infused with Saffron and nuts procured from the preeminent sources. The Raan at the Kakori Restaurant appears as the simplest of delectables but entails an exhaustive preparation endeavor. Marinated overnight with fine Indian spices, this 'pot roast' is a slow cook with favors from as far as Avadh and Rajasthan.

Kakori cuisine is a blend of food cultures from Punjab, Kashmir, Avadh and Rajasthan in India. Here in Kathmandu, the restaurant is led by Executive Chef Yubaraj Pokhrel who brings a definitive expertise and savoir faire to the experience of Kakori. The atmospherics of the restaurant are beyond simply captivating and the interior details among the most evocative in Kathmandu. Designed by a team from Lucknow, the old-themed brick floors augmented subtly by artifacts from Lucknow are given the perfect treatment with bead curtains that lend an air of warmth and tradition.

The dining tables are rustic, unpolished and made of raw wood and project a distinct medieval flair into a contemporary epicurean retreat. The stone mosaic fittings on the floor and tables pay tribute to an ancient Nawabi belief in the power of art. While similar to the Indian tandoor, the Kakori proffers a finer menu and an intense dining philosophy. Characterized by roasted spices, roasted nuts, saffron and many other conventional ingredients, the food is also brought to life in the restaurant by the ochre, cream and dark wood spatial fabric.

Chef Pokhrel is understandably effusive about the Kakori guests and the restaurant's resplendent popularity. For a particular and acquired cuisine, the Chef is encouraged to see diners return time and again as well as by the steady stream of regular gourmands. The recipes are translated onto the dinner plate by a team of experienced chefs who hail from Lucknow and are carefully monitored by Chef Pokhrel. Part and parcel of the Kakori endeavor is to upgrade both the restaurant and the menu as well as to ensure that the fine ingredients are procured regularly and directly from Lucknow. A recent Kashmiri food promotion at the Kakori has delighted patrons. Interesting to note is that Kashmiri cuisine is defined by the use of rose petals, nut-based gravies and the incomparable paratha.

The Kakori Restaurant is a registered and copyrighted service of Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu. Among the restaurant's well-heeled guests are renowned actor Anupam Kher and many distinguished visitors from overseas.


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