Quest for the Temple City

Dec 10, 2014 |

No greenery at all! The city space is covered with the thick layer of dark clouds. Even the city high-rises are engulfed into the mist. In a closer look, we can see the silhouette of temples and stupas. This is an artist's aspiration to relocate historic sacred monuments: he is in search of pristine hills or any Shangri-la where these monuments could be placed safe and enlivened with beautiful atmosphere around.

Quest for the Temple City is Pradhan's recent series resulted from his quest for the conservation of temples and monasteries of Kathmandu Valley.

Binod Pradhan, a founder member of Kasthamandap Art Studio and E-Arts Nepal, has earned Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Fine Arts College, Kathmandu. He has had 7 solo painting exhibitions to his credit and has won several awards including the second position in National Art Exhibition in 1997, first position in Ganesh Man Singh Adhyayan Pratisthan in 1997, Gold Medal and Araniko Youth Award in 2012. He was also awarded from Camel Art Foundation, Kolkatta, India in 2006.



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