Dec 12, 2014 |

“May my life be devoted to service and to the high ideals of the nursing profession." I remember this last line of the Nightingale’s Pledge which I promised to follow at the beginning step of my Nursing Profession. I have incorporated the practical meaning of oath and remained under the supervision of the ethical boundary of Nursing throughout my profession. Everyone who comes to this profession feels it as a noble profession and is taught to care regardless of age, sex, creed and nationality. I have no idea about the health delivery system of any other country; but I know at least a little about Nepal. Here nurses are only privileged to be pictured in white uniform and a tray with medicine in hand. They are not provided with diverse opportunity and therefore they are limited to provide care only within the walls of hospitals.

It is very well known fact that Nepal is facing tremendous number of disasters almost at every season; many people are dying and are left homeless. The most affected system during or after such disasters remains Health System in major. Are our hospitals prepared enough to receive large number of victims at a time? Or, are our health practitioners prepared to handle the stress of the situation? Do we have enough medicine or do we have enough staffs to handle the crowd? There are pools of questions which have been left unanswered for many years.


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