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It looked like the best room in the world but when curtain were drawn the beauty was all but gone. Suddenly someone switched on the lights and the room became alive again - Lights play an integral role in bringing out and enhancing the beauty of the room. It not only changes the mood of the room but also enhances the size of the room. The selection of the right elements and the right lighting comes together to make the room look different and outstanding. Lighting helps in improving the interiors in the aspect of color, highlighting, functionality and space.

Color: Light can change the perspectives of the space. Darker colors will make the room look smaller and cramped but brighter colors with appropriate light will make the room look bigger and spacious. Also the coloring of the light will redefine the way a room looks like. Directional lighting will create a directional flow and highlight the colors accordingly.

Highlighting: Lighting can either highlight certain specific areas or can be used to create ambience of the whole room. Track lighting is used to highlighting different things by hanging from different angles or spaces. Frame lighting is used to focus on a painting or a picture. Recessed lighting is used to create highlight or beam effect when hung from ceiling or base.

Functionality: Lighting in the room has to serve a purpose other wise it will be simply the waste of electricity. Chandeliers serve the purpose of central lighting and adding grandeur to the room. Wall lights add length and size to the room. Other specific lighting at desk or photo frame adds viewing comfort to the eyes. Focus lighting help bring out importance of the vase in the room or help you get a better shave in the toilet.

Space: light helps create the illusion of space within a confined area. If we don’t have good lighting the room will look crammed and that costly and decorative sofa will loose its elegance. While a small room will look big and better with more lighting.


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