Magnificent Mountainscapes

May 24, 2015 |

“Mountain Mystique”, a collection of 18 acrylic-on-canvas paintings by Binod Pradhan, was exhibited at the City Museum, Durbarmarg, this January.

“What is striking about this series is the sense of rawness in the imagery, in the way in which the artist has treated the textures and created layers,” writes Kashish Das Shrestha, Director of the City Museum in Durbarmarg, as he introduces Binod Pradhan’s most recent collection of paintings, “Mountain Mystique”, which was exhibited at the Museum in January this year.

The exhibition, which consisted of 18 paintings of haunting and surrealbeautiful mountainscapes, has been shaped by the artist’s journey to the Annapurna Conservation Area, and is his second painting series to have been inspired by his experiences there. The fi rst, a collection titled “Quest for the Temple City” was exhibited at the Siddhartha Art Gallery exactly one year ago.

While the first series, by the artist’s own account was “almost monochromatic”, the second was full of colour and motion. The rawness of the imagery and the textures and layers of the paintings were striking and powerful, without compromising the surreal other-worldliness that characterised Pradhan’s previous work.

When I went trekking the first time, it became difficult for me to understand what I was feeling inside of me,” says the artist, as he writes about the experiences that shaped “Mountain Mystique”. The majestic landscape, the magnificent scale of the Himalayas and the crisp freshness of the mountains all had a big impact on him. Pradhan says he was overwhelmed by the experience and also nurtured by the things he saw and felt. It is these feelings that the artist articulated in “Mountain Mystique”, trying to “bring to life on canvas what (he) felt out in nature”.


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