An Introduction To Vatsu

May 27, 2015 |


T here are principally three energies around us: Heaven, Karma and Earth. Heaven being the planets (Astrology); Karma being us and everything else on this planet; and Earth being the world we live in (Vastu-shastra). These three energies are positioned in such a way that Karma lies in between Heaven (above) and Earth (below). In other words: Karma in between Fate (Bhagya) and Vastu. This is quite like our country being sandwiched between two giant power houses: India and China. And just as Nepal is affected by both the nations and their decisions, among many other things, we are also largely affected by pressures from both Heaven and Earth.

It is very important that we receive balanced energies from the ? ve elements through the houses we live in. In the absence of such balance, various problems arise in the home

To represent this mathematically, Astrology, Karma and Vastu, all three constitute an equal share of 33.33% each in terms of their effects on our lives. The 33.33% of Karma is what we inherently have, while the remaining 66.66% depends on the positions of the planets and the balance of the elements around us.

So, for example, if our day isn’t good according to both astrology and Vastu, we are left with only 33.33% of Karma.This isn’t a good sign. In this case, one cannot hope for life to go on without any

major hurdles. To put it differently, it’s a failed day .Again, mathematically, at least the composite score must be more than 50% for a good day. For example, one already has the 33.33% from Karma. So, if a person’s day is excellent according to Vastu, they will have that other 33.33% from Vastu, which makes a total of 66.66%. In this case, even if the day isn’t good from an astrological point of view, the day will still be ? ne. Although this is not an excellent prospect, it’s more that 50% so the day won’t fail.

The same is true when the day is good according to only Karma and astrology.And when all three energies are at their peaks, that given day cannot get any better! Thus, only Karma cannot ensure success. One needs co-operation from all three energies for a good day, a good life. But as our fate isn’t in our hands, we cannot do much to persuade astrology to give us a good day every day. We can, however, make sure that Vastu is in balance around us.




Simply put, Vastu is the balancing of energies around us. These energies emanate from ? ve separate elements that make up our surroundings: Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni), Air (Vaayu) and Space (Aakash). Vastu is the art of living that teaches us how to balance these ? ve elements and their energies.

These above mentioned elements in turn have ? ve further sub-elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. For example, the planet Earth consists of seas and rivers i.e. water; there is air; there is the land or soil i.e. earth; the earth’s own temperature i.e. heat; and then there is also the sky i.e. the open space above the planet. In the same way, we humans have these ? ve elements inside our bodies too. The physical body represents Earth; our temperature represents Fire; respiration is Air; body water is Water; and then there is Space inside our body too. And it is absolutely imperative that the elements inside our body be balanced with those outside. For example, if our body temperature is not in accordance with the temperature around


us; suppose our body temperature increases from 98 to 102 degrees; we feel ill, which is not a good thing. So we then take medicines to make us feel better. Or maybe when we dehydrate, we drink more water and jeevanjal.

Similarly, it is also very important that we receive such balance in between elements and their energies from the houses we live in. In the absence of such balance, various problems arise in the home. Sometimes, when the amount of water in and around a house is not ample, it results in discomfort for the occupants. And these discomforts normally result in persistent quarrels, rapid losses and other similar troubles.

So when we build our houses, we must pay attention to the fact that our buildings provide us with the five elements from the Earth and help us balance these with the ones within us. And this is where Vastu-shastra, the art of balancing the five elements and their energies, comes in.


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