May 28, 2015 |

Bidhata KC

Bidhata KC, who has a Master’s degree from Tribhuvan University, is a recipient of the prestigious ‘Arniko National Youth Art Award’, which she was awarded in 2010. She has seven solo shows to her credit and has participated in various group exhibitions and projects nationally as well as internationally KC has always been curious about her surroundings and draws inspiration from nature. Besides painting, she works on prints, installations and multimedia, constantly exploring these mediums. KC won the ‘Master Tej Bahadur Chitrakar Smriti Puraskar’ for best painting/artist in 2013. One of her paintings, titled 'Marginalized Identity', bagged the special-mentions award at the National Fine Art Exhibition in 2011.

System Unfolds...

A painting that differs a great deal from her regular style, “System Unfolds…” is based on socio-political issues. Here, the artist gives emphasis on the symbolisation of reflecting and looking back, and explores the need for pondering on the present and accordingly looking forward to the future. Thus the past and its history, and the future and its promises are duly explored. Her work reflects hope and endeavours towards peace and prosperity.



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