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May 28, 2015 |

The February chapter of the Nepal Engineer’s Association weekly talk programmes featured Mahabir Pun, Kishor Thapa, Siobhan Kennedy and Bhim Upadhyaya

The Nepal Engineer’s Association (NEA) weekly programmes this month featured topics as diverse as national development, the Civil Service Act, rural access, and the marriage that can be achieved between the engineering profession and “inner engineering” which is an international programme for personal growth.

Speakers in the February chapter of the talk programmes included the Magsasay Award-winning Mahabir Pun, senior architect Kishor Thapa, and engineers Siobhan Kennedy and Bhim Upadhyaya.

Pun tackled the issue of development analysing what elements are missing in Nepal’s development endeavours. The speaker, known internationally for enabling Internet-reach in rural areas of Nepal before the advent of wireless technologies, talked about education, healthcare and community-based endeavours such as farming and eco-trekking programmes.

Thapa’s presentation, on the other hand, dealt with the Civil Service Act of 1993 and the revisions that are being proposed at the present time to allow for amendments regarding First Class civil servants.

Kennedy’s discussion of the Rural Access Programme (RAP): Development Through Access, talked about the need for rural access and the DFID-funded RAP which is currently in its third phase. The speaker talked about the steps currently being undertaken to improve access in all parts of the country, particularly the 14 districts RAP is currently focused on.

A completely different sort of conversation was sparked by Upadhyaya as he discussed the harmony that those in the engineering profession and outside of it can achieve by “inner engineering” their lives. The positive effects of seeking and finding balance between mind, matter and soul were review discussed, and the idea of inner engineering as a “technology for well being” was shared amongst those gathered together.


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